Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autumnal Activities

  The weather is cooling off, and we are transitioning in to fall activities around here:

  Karl went "Up North" and competed in the Chequamagon Fat Tire Festival, along with a couple thousand of his best friends. His goal was to make it to the start line, which he did. He also made it to the finish line! Although he lost a good chunk of time because of a flat tire. I explained to him that the race is called the FAT tire fest, not the FLAT tire fest. He realized his mistake too late.
Thumbs up dude!
This past weekend we went to the first Cyclocross race of the season - the inaugural Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup. It's the only race in the area that the Pros race. Karl and I volunteered as results runners - the cushiest job available! You can see Karl's photo set here. It was a beautiful day to be outside in the sun. I neglected my sunscreen, however, and got quite a very unflattering sunburn on my face. New fashionable sunglasses and hair pulled back = raccoon face!

  It's full-on harvest time at the CSA and I've been working hard. I'm going to miss my mornings at the farm when the season is done.

  I am going to be totally honest. There is no possible way I'm going to fulfill my promise of riding a mile for every dollar over my fundraising goal for the King of the Road Challenge. I'm doing my best, but both my co-workers are going on vacation in October, so I'll be working a lot more than usual. There just isn't enough daylight for me to ride after work. Don't worry though, I am fully trained and ready for the after party! (Pizza, burritos, schmoozing. I am all over that!)

But hey - there's still time to donate!
Follow this link to my fundraising page!

  Other fall activities include eating apples, baking, and wearing wool. Last night I was knitting on a blanket, it's getting big enough to cover my lap - nice and cozy! My legs got cold pretty quick when I put it away for the night.

Friday, September 6, 2013

All Aboard!

  I'm going for a ride on the crazy train. Want to join me?

  On Tuesday (Sept 3) I decided that I needed a sweater to wear with my LMS 1940's dress. We have a couple of hangar dances coming up. The thing about a hangar dance is that it's actually held in an airplane hangar. The last hangar dance we did (in July), it was unseasonably chilly, and it was about 60° F when we started playing. The dancers stayed warm, but I was freezing! (and I had my snuggies on!) So a sweater would have been nice. 

  I spent a couple of hours choosing a pattern. Then I went and bought the yarn. Then I changed my mind about the yarn, so I turned around, went back to the store and exchanged it. When I got home, I changed my mind about the pattern, and I chose a different one. Then I started knitting. By the end of Wednesday, the sleeves were done. 

  Thursday is "work at the CSA" day. We pulled weeds all morning, and my fingers were killing me. No knitting on Thursday. No big deal, you think? Um, well, I hate to tell you but, our next hangar dance is on Sept 21. Yes, I am certifiably crazy.

The next 16 days are not going to be pretty. (but that sweater will be!)