Thursday, January 16, 2014

I got this.

  On Tuesday, my wonderful daughter told me that I needed to take her shopping. Shopping for a warm hat that will stay on while she's skiing. Because Friday is the first ski Club trip.

Um. Really?

"Honey, do you not see the bins of yarn downstairs? I think I've got it covered."  


Edited to add: Finished the hat at 5pm Thursday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Straight down the crapper!

I knew things had been going to well lately. I got all content with my life, and that jinxed it!

My car died. It didn't slowly wither away. There was no reason to suspect a problem. It showed no symptoms, then BAM! It was gone. Well, not really BAM, it was more of a "CLACKETY, CLACKETY, CLACKETY, RATTLE, RATTLE, SILENCE" episode. And so there it sits, lifeless, in the driveway. 

The preliminary diagnosis is that the engine is dead. Gone. Seized up. Kaput. 

The treatment? Engine transplant. 

And so my life has gone down the crapper. We can't manage two car payments, and professional repair costs almost as much as a crappy used car. So, self-repair is Karl's preferred option. Yeah. Self-repair, to replace the engine. (Don't worry, I think he's crazy too)

It's still going to cost a bundle, just a slightly smaller bundle. Goodbye 2014 family vacation. Goodbye 2104 "mental health" vacation to New Hampshire. Goodbye new windows. Goodbye kitchen makeover.

Just kill me now.