Friday, September 4, 2015

Hard To Imagine It Right Now

I know it's difficult for you to think about - definitely not something to look forward to for most people. But pretty soon, the weather outside is going to look like this:

Snow, slush, blech!
You're probably asking "But what can I do about it?" - Nothing, absolutely nothing, I tell you!

Which is exactly why you need this:

A super warm and snuggly, washable wool blanket to cuddle under with your main-squeeze! (as long as you have a main squeeze with whom to cuddle, otherwise, solo is good too!)

"But Becky, how can I get  this fabulous blanket?" you're asking.

It's so easy! Simply make a donation to the Krempels Center via my fundraising page

Once you make a donation of any amount, you are automatically entered in a drawing to win the beautiful, soft, squishy blankie.

So do me a favor, show me some love, show the Krempels Center some love too. Make a donation. Pretty please??