Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Wow, things sure have gone down the crapper in the last 3 hours! Today is my only day off for the next 8 days, so I'm having to cram a lot in. The morning went well, took Katrina to school, watched her do the morning news, then to the bank to close the girl scout account, then to the food pantry to deliver the donation check from the girl scout account - the last 2 weren't even on my list! Got the laundry started, by then it was lunchtime. Cleaned the hamster cage, more laundry, and picked up more cat food. Whew!

That's when it all started going down hill. Three baskets of laundry needed to be folded, but it was time to pick up Katrina and her cello. Got to school, she got her stuff, and we were on our way out when I asked if she had emptied her mailbox. Nope, so back inside, where we find a yellow "warning" slip from an incident at recess (to make long story short -she hit a kid with her shoe). Discussion in the car. Home for a quick snack, quick mix up the meatballs and throw the squash in the oven, then race off to my haircut appointment. Katrina joins me to see if she can sell any cookies while she waits (and there won't be time to go home before her piano lesson). My haircut was not with my usual stylist because I had a coupon. No big deal. The haircut looks fine, but she toasted my scalp with the dryer. Ouch!

Made it out of the salon just in time for piano. I wondered what possessed me to schedule my haircut so close to Katrina's lesson? It's close to the salon, so no big deal (except having to cross the highway during "rush hour"). I drop off Katrina and realize the car is running on empty, but my brain switches to autopilot on the way home and I forget to stop for gas. There's a message on the machine when I get home - "Mom, come get my, I'm half an hour early for my lesson." Aargh! Back to Mrs. Benson's. On the way, I discover I'm getting a huge cold sore on my lip. Bad news when you're a trumpet player! But I remembered to stop for gas. 15 minutes at home, then back to Mrs. Benson's for real this time. On the way home, I forget to stop at Walgreens for cold sore stuff.

Now I can finish making dinner. I take the squash out of the oven, and put the meatballs in. Scoop out the squash, and start heating up the sauce. Bah! I forgot to start the timer for the meatballs! I estimate, and instruct Karl to check if they're done when the (re-set) timer goes off. Trip number 3 to piano lessons. I remember to stop at Walgreens, where I not only get cold sore stuff (it must be good because it's stings like the dickens!), but also a nice big bag of fun size Milky Way bars to help me through the next week.

Since dinner, things have improved, I set the timer (and started it) so I will remember to run my final errand of the day. Only an hour and a half to go, then I'm crawling in to bed with fat kitty, and not getting out until morning (or until 9:45 when Katrina sleepwalks)

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