Wednesday, February 20, 2013

By Request

  I had a request from a lovely young lady who procrastinates doing her homework by reading my blog. 
So, this one's for you, Caitlin!

  I know it's been a while since I posted. I really haven't been doing anything blog-worthy. I finished out drop cookies with Molasses Jumbles and  Jubilee Jumbles. I am not fond of Jumbles of any sort. I gave many of them away. I started on Bar cookies with Lemonade Prune Bars and Teen Time Chocolate Nut Bars. I ate all the Lemonade Prune Bars. They were very tasty. And now Karl has started a weight loss program which includes, (among other things) no white carbohydrates. So no sugar, no baked goods (even whole wheat), no fun. Too bad for him because next up is Lemon Bars.

  I joined my LMS bandmates in Arlington Heights, IL for a show at the Metropolis Theater. One of my friends, a fellow musician, came to see us. He was the toddler in the audience because I think he and his wife were the only ones under 80 in the audience! The show ended just in time for rush hour traffic, so with a heavy heart, I had to skip dinner at Portillos. I was really looking forward to it too!

  Back at the homestead, the chickens are not enjoying the wintry weather. But the increasing daylight is not only lifting my spirits, but Barbara's as well. This past weekend, we got three eggs in one day! Now all my girls are grown up. So grown up, in fact that Pickles has decided that it's time to start her family, she's gone "broody."

  A chicken's brain is not very sophisticated. They are wired to lay eggs, then hatch those eggs into chicks. It doesn't matter if there's not a rooster around. It also doesn't matter if they're actually sitting on eggs. Pickles has been sitting on an empty nest for three days. It doesn't seem to bother her when I reach under to collect the other girl's eggs. I hope she snaps out of it soon. It's cold and she should be snuggling with her sisters at night instead of by herself in her nest box. Plus, she stops laying eggs while she's broody. I had to buy eggs!

  So that's really all the news. I'm sorry it's not more, Cait. You know, you and your sister really need to come visit us and meet Sally and the girls. You could stay at my Mom & Dad's. I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Maybe over spring break??

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