Monday, June 17, 2013

Break? You don't get a break!

  Shouldn't adults be allowed to have a summer break too? I mean, we have to deal with our kids 24-7 when they're off school. It's only a week in to Katrina's summer break, and she's already driving me insane. Thankfully, summer classes started today, so I have a couple hours of peace. But I can't enjoy her being out of the house when I'm so busy. I think I have a total of 4 days in the month of June where I don't have to be somewhere, and two of those days have already passed. I know the extra jobs are paying for my fall vacation, but whew! I'm exhausted.

  I did have a free day yesterday, so I took a drive to Mom & Dad's to celebrate Father's Day (Karl celebrated Father's Day by riding his bike there, so I could drive him home). I made Dad a pie for his Father's Day gift, but he was nice and shared it with us. We played a little Bocce Ball, ate some hot dogs, and did a little driving. Katrina drove the tractor and I got to drive Heidi the VW Beetle. I much prefer driving Heidi than Axel the Model A. Axel has way too many things to remember - choke, spark, hand signals... Heidi is no problem (well, once I figured out where reverse was).

  So it's back to the grind today: dishes, vacuuming, and LMS in the evening. I hope the rain stays away.

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