Sunday, July 14, 2013

Am I Blue?

  I've had the blues this week.

  As in blueberries. The fruit truck made a trip to Stoughton on Wednesday, so I indulged. I skipped the half-bushel of peaches (it was really hard!) because I still have some freezer from last year. Twenty-five pounds of peaches lasts quite a while in a family of 3. I only got blueberries. Ten pounds of them! I tasted a few right away, and, hmmm. Not. Very. Sweet. Bummer. I put them in the freezer right away, to be ready for later use.
  Today was deemed "jam day" so I cooked up some blueberry-lime jam. It's amazing what 6 cups of sugar will do for sour blueberries. The jam turned out great! So, many of you can expect some tasty jam for Christmas this year. I was on a blueberry roll, so I made a pie too, which is currently cooling. I wish it would hurry up.

And the best part? I still have about 6 pounds left in the freezer.

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Becky Baumeister said...

Holy crap! Best pie ever!!