Sunday, November 24, 2013

An Ode to Vincenzo

  A two year old dwarf hamster is an elderly hamster. Their average lifespan is 2 - 2½ years. Our dwarf hamster, Mr Nibbles is 2¼ years old. He's not looking so good lately. After being in the veterinary field for so long, I can appreciate having to make that difficult decision to end a pet's suffering. I am lucky that my family can also appreciate and understand that. 

  Mr Nibbles was named that because the first time we picked him up, he just nibbled our fingers a little, just to check us out. His first name of Vincenzo was added later. He's always been very friendly, and we've enjoyed his antics. Plus, he's just so damn cute!

We'll miss you Mr Nibbles. You've been a good hamster.

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