Tuesday, February 25, 2014


  It's not a decision I'm taking lightly, the decision to end a life. And it's not something you're ever "ready" to do. Especially since this time, it's not about quality of life. It's about bad behavior. 

  I love my cats, every one I've ever had. They are really like my furry children. But after so many years of litterbox issues, I just couldn't take it anymore.

 We said goodbye to Sally today. She was probably the cat with the most personality we've had. It's a good thing too, because she was definitely not good looking. Poor thing, living in Wisconsin without a nice fluffy coat of fur. That's why she always wanted to cuddle. Her favorite place? Inside your shirt. And she was always purring. Always. Such a happy cat.

  I feel like I'm the most horrible person for doing this. Like I didn't try hard enough, I'm giving up too soon. But we did try. We tried a lot of things, for a long time.

  I really going to miss you, Sally.

Crazy cat lady knit her cat a sweater.


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