Thursday, March 13, 2014

Warning: May Contain Knitting

  When everything is crap, the little things are just so much more exciting than usual. Take my hobby of knitting, for example. I was so happy to finish the back piece of a sweater that's been languishing for a while. I quickly started to front to keep my momentum going. There are 14 inches of boring before it gets exciting, so that's good knitting to take to work. Then Katrina says that one of her teachers is having a baby, and would I maybe knit something for her? Ooh, baby stuff- so adorable and quick! That's going well also. And those funky socks? Set aside so I can finish the baby sweater.

But what really got me excited was a yarn purchase. 

A little background: A while back, a friend hinted that they kinda wanted a blanket similar to the charity blanket I worked on last year. Who can blame them? It was gorgeous. So, I've spent a lot of time gazing at pretty yarn, wondering how I will come up with the funds for this masterpiece (considering I have an engine to pay for!). Good yarn ain't cheap. Non-knitters don't realize knitting a pair of socks usually costs $20 - $30 if you use quality yarn. And this blanket? About 9 pairs of socks worth of yarn. So last Monday, I was gazing at yarn again and came across something I had overlooked. A three pound ball of good sock yarn for $20. Three pounds! For twenty dollars! That's about 14 pairs of socks! JACKPOT! What's the catch? It's undyed. 

  Undyed yarn does not, in any way, present a problem. I love dyeing yarn. The problem is deciding on a color scheme. Any suggestions?
The color wheel is your friend!

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