Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am thankful

Today I am thankful that my 11 year old child is almost as tall as I am.

Last fall, Karl stole the rear wheel off of my mountain bike because his was wonky. I enjoy riding my mountain bike because it's more comfortable than my "comfort" bike. It's good for riding in less-than-perfect conditions. But, it's really difficult to ride when it only has one wheel.

Today is going to be a relatively nice day. It's already 35° and it's going to be sunny this afternoon. I am itching to ride outside. I email Karl "How hard is it to put my wheel back on my mountain bike?" He replies "For the MTB wheel, which is on Katrina’s bike, you’d need to change the cassette to have it work on yours." Great, I'll have to take they hybrid off the trainer and lug it upstairs if I want to ride. But, then I read the next sentence "You could always ride Katrina’s bike. I’m pretty sure her seat is quick adjust.

See ya, I'm going for a ride! 

ETA - Why are my good intentions always struck down? I went out to the garage, and the bike is hanging from the ceiling. Much too high for me to get down! No ride today :(

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