Friday, May 4, 2012

Adventures on Main Street

  Small town USA. The nosey people who know everything, the nutty people you just have to shake your head at, and the goofy things that happen. I love where I live. There's always something going on that will make me laugh. Here's what happened today:

  I was working at Giggles. It was a nice day, so I (and most of the other businesses on Main Street) had the door open. I was sitting at the counter knitting, and Judy from the Hallmark store popped her head in. "I'm so glad it's you working today!" she said. "I need your help. I have a duck in the store." Huh? "It just walked right in the door!" I am the go-to person when it comes to removing wildlife from the main street businesses.
  So I put my knitting down and walked two doors down to the Hallmark store and sure enough, there was a duck in the store! She was calmly waddling down the aisle toward the back. So, I went down a parallel aisle and came at her from the back of the store and started "shoo-ing" her toward the door. I could not stop laughing! Of course, she was a clever duck (and still needed to pick out a Shoebox card) and instead of heading out the door, she went around the corner down the next aisle. I reversed and met her halfway down, again shoo-ing her toward the door, while a customer stood in the next aisle blocking Jemimah Puddleduck from going back up that side. She eventually got going in the right direction and waddled out the door onto the sidewalk.
  But my work wasn't done yet. The river is two blocks away, and traffic on Main Street was picking up. Of course, she headed straight for the street. I was able to herd her back to the sidewalk, and I was sure to stay between her and the street. Off we go, toward the river, and after a few yards, she takes off into the air.
  Now, ducks are not known for their aerial grace, so it took her a little while to get going, and she went straight into the fender of some redneck's pickup! She just bounced off and kept going, and was last seen heading toward the millpond.

And that was the most excitement I had all day.


Kristina said...

Where was Drake Puddleduck when you needed him? Ah well, better than the Foxy whiskered Gentleman I suppose (with apologies to Beatrix Potter).

Chattel Manager said...

That is so funny, Becky and so happy that you were available to rescue. I think you need a cape and tights. Certainly "Duck Woman" deserves that.