Thursday, May 17, 2012

No rest for the wicked!

  I survived the Mother's Day rush at my flower job.

An extremely close representation of what I did for 2 of 10 days!

  They called me again early Monday morning (just as I was settling in to watch the Giro!) and need me for the next several weeks. Luckily, it's Mondays and Tuesdays only. I could use the extra cash, so, sure! 

  And now, it's almost Syttende Mai weekend. Never heard of it? Well, neither had we until we moved to Stoughton. We actually moved in during Syttende Mai weekend 1996. Wow! That's a long time ago! We have come to love the festival (OK, really just me), and enjoy the annual festivities. Three years ago, we even had a princess in our midst.

The only time Karl has ever been in a parade, only because he got to drive the convertible.

So, I will once again don my bunad,
Sexy, isn't it?

 make krumkake, 

Wait until you see the flavors we're cooking up for this year!

and wear out my lip in what Karl calls "The longest parade in existence."

I am a true band geek!
I will not, to the best of my ability, eat fried cheese curds (they always give me gut rot!),  a cream puff (too much whipped cream!), or lutefisk (eeuw!).  I will eat something wrapped in lefse, some corn on the cob, and lots of broken krumkake.

So what are you doing this weekend?

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