Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fast Track to Cluck Town

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News on the chicken front: We've had to put a rush on the coop construction because the guy building it (the shop foreman at Karl's place of employment) only has until June 11 before he'll have actual job-related building to do. Karl's going to go "shopping" on Monday (since he's the materials and inventory guy, he knows what surplus is laying around the yard), and they'll get the coop at least semi-done by the end of the week. I'm glad I finally made up my mind about the design.
Pretty close to my design

 Katrina and I will be doing the finish work: painting, installing perches, putting up the screen.

I'm ordering the chicks tomorrow! They won't look like this.

In other fun news - our garage door was broken, so we bought a new one. The old one was a solid door, the new one is panels. The new one has a higher clearance inside the garage, and isn't going to fit. We have three options: jack up the garage roof, jack up the entire garage, or move the garage door opening 8 inches to the left. None of those options are going to be very fun. Once again, I thank my lucky stars that my dad is a carpenter, and we don't have to shell out thousands of dollars for this project. I'm going to owe him big time - at least a rhubarb pie or two!

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