Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mini Post

I'm doing some experiments today. First and foremost, I'm composing this post on my handy-dandy tablet to see how it goes. Secondly, I'm doing a test-run with my yarn dyeing. At the moment, the mini-skein of yarn is soaking in water and vinegar. Let me tell you, the smell of wet wool and vinegar is not pleasant.

  Last night LMS played at a benefit dance for a Veteran's organization. It was a good gig, we've done it twice before. I had a last-minute solo. Normally, this would rattle me, but last night it was fine because the solo was not on my trumpet. It was a whistling solo. Making the jump from trumpet to whistling isn't easy, so I'm not sure any sound came out for the first few measures, but by the end, I was cooking!

  Oh, there's my timer. Time to dye some yarn!

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