Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just checking in

A quick post, since I am just past the midway point of a working-10-days-in-a-row marathon.

I'm working the "mother's day rush" at my flower job, plus my regular job and a little LMS action thrown in for good measure. The flower job is more volume than beauty. Ya' know those flowers you can get at Walgreens or the gas station? That's what we do. Today we did 2 roses in a vase with a small teddy bear hanging off the vase. All day. I personally did 42 boxes of 4 vases. Tomorrow - single roses in a sleeve, 50 to a bucket, average 2 buckets an hour. With that kind of volume, it makes me glad the flowers don't have any fragrance. If they did, I'd have on heck of a headache!

So now it's time to say goodnight. I'm tired and I have to get up early so I can be back doing flowers at 7:45am.

Three more weeks until vacation!!

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