Thursday, July 7, 2011

Half Full

Yes, I am definitely one of those annoying "glass is half full" and "there's always a silver lining" people, so I've added a little something to my blog - Today's Reason to Celebrate  - check in daily to see what is worth celebrating!

  Meanwhile, I'm deep in Tour de France mode. Please, no calls from 7-10am or pm, as that's when I'm glued to the TV. I'm also deep in Tour de France knitting mode, knitting along with a bunch of knitters who are also cycling fans. We've also started a new tradition: the weekend TdF drinking game. Last sunday, it was every mention of Edvald Boasson Hagen  I did not join in that time, as it was only 7am, while my competitors are in England, where it was mid-afternoon. This sunday, I believe we're going with any mention of Andy or Frank Schleck. (aka "Frandy") The time difference makes it difficult (plus I have to play for a church service, then go directly to work), so hopefully, more Americans have joined in to the pm coverage version. I believe I'm competing in the"lightweight" division (because I am one!) and I'll be sipping a nice Pinot. Knitting is definitely not recommended during this game.

  I am also participating in a cycling challenge during the Tour - riding my bike every day during the race. The distance isn't important (on friday, all I could squeeze in was my 3/4 mile commute!). So far, so good. Hopefully, it will be come more of a habit, and my butt will shrink to match my new little boobs!

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