Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, the Tour de France is over. I'm happy about the results, but I'm definitely in withdrawl. I guess I could use the time to catch up on housecleaning, gardening, etc. So, in that spirit, this morning after I took Katrina to gymnastics, I went for a bike ride. Then I decided to make pickles, but oops, mom has the canning supplies. So, I'm trying them the old fashioned way - in a crock in the basement. It's kind of scary - no cooking, no sterilizing, just a big vat of saltwater and cucumbers. I can tell you that it's making the office smell heavenly - garlic and dill and vinegar. The recipe says they can take about 3 weeks to be done, but I'll be checking every few days because I'm impatient and because I love a good pickle (insert dirty joke here if you wish). I'll keep you updated on their progress.

In other news, there's not really any other news other than we have a bumper crop of raspberries, so expect a jar of jam in your christmas card. That's thursday's project. Hmm, maybe some raspberry and hot pepper jam?

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