Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A whole lot of random thoughts

  I came up with a really clever and funny blog post as I lay awake at 3:00 this morning. Then I remembered that my Mom sometimes reads my blog, and I really didn't want her reading something like that about me, so my mind began to wander. As always, there was musical accompaniment by Ladies Must Swing which included Leap Frog and Take the A Train among others. So, not really a "go back to sleep " kind of soundtrack in my head. Maybe it's because I'm excited that our CD is due out in the next month or so.

  Next I contemplated why the cat's new favorite sleeping position has to be with his butt in my armpit and his tail draped across my upper lip like a twitchy mustache. I guess that's better than when he lays on my chest (hard to breathe!). Things kind of got nutty from there, moving to all the little (and big) annoying things hubby does, which segued into some impure thoughts of someone I'm not married to (I hope he doesn't know who he is). I stayed there for a while, and must have finally drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I saw was this

And it was time for breakfast

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catnurse said...

Hey, I wonder if the comments are even working? Nobody ever tells me what they think!