Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Am I Insane?

Please pray for my sanity.

  It's December, and I have to go near the mall. I don't have to go to the mall, but the two places I have to go today are on opposite sides of the shopping behemoth called EastTown Mall. My plan of attack: first to JoAnn Fabrics for a zipper.
I will attempt not to elbow any old ladies buying thread (only if they started it!), but you have to be ready for that kind of action at JoAnn.
  Deep, calming breaths and maybe a mid-way stop at Culver's as I make my way around the mall to Penzeys. (Oh, how I wish Steak N Shake was still open. This expedition could use a Very, Very Strawberry Shake and some cheese fries!) I love going to Penzeys, even if it's just for the aroma. All those spices mingling together... I will try to control myself and stick to my list. But I usually end up with a few extra goodies.
Photo poached from some nice lady's blog
 If you don't hear from me again, either I didn't survive the drive around the mall, or I'm hiding in a corner of Penzeys, high on spice fumes.

ETA: No elbows were thrown  at JoAnn Fabrics, but I really wanted to slap the elderly, wheezing lady in front of me in line. As usual, there were 10 people in line and one register open. The sales associate was doing great, moving right along, but Weezy in front of me kept muttering under her (emphysemic) breath about how slow it was. Finally she got up to the register with her one item, the associate gave her the total and Weezy exclaimed "That much, for one pillow? Well I don't want it then!" And she promptly left.

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Uzbekistan Andronicus Liebschutz said...

Just go to local places not near the mall! There's a Penzey's on University.