Thursday, December 8, 2011

This is not meant to make anyone feel guilty.

  Everyone come over on to the rug, it's story time. No talking to your neighbor, and please keep your hands to yourself. Everyone ready?
  Once upon a time, the daddy took the mommy out for a nice lobster dinner on Christmas Eve, because he knew there wouldn't be a chance for another nice dinner for a while. You see, the mommy was going to have a baby soon. But the daddy didn't realize it would be that soon, because early the next day - Christmas Day - the baby was born. They named that Christmas baby Becky. And to celebrate Becky's birthday, the mommy would make lobster for dinner every Christmas Eve. Becky never really liked lobster, but since her mommy enjoyed the tradition of lobster on Christmas Eve, Becky kept her mouth shut. Finally, when Becky was 21, she told her mommy that she didn't like lobster, and couldn't they have something else?
  Now Becky is all grown up and is a mommy herself. She might get to choose her own birthday dinner, but it is never on her own birthday - always the day before. She is sometimes sad that she always has to share her birthday. Aside from her immediate family and a few friends, not many people remember that it is her birthday. It's especially depressing when she has to spend Christmas Day with her husband's family. None of them ever wish her a "Happy Birthday", or really even talk to her at all.

Isn't that a happy story boys and girls?

So as Christmas approaches, you'll know why I'm a little grumpy, maybe a little more whiny.
I'm done whining now, you may go back to what you were doing.


Uzbekistan Andronicus Liebschutz said...


What would you want for your birthday dinner? Maybe I will make it for you.

Avivah Smith-Nelson said...

If it makes you feel better, my parents didn't celebrate my birthday ever because "she's just a girl".

And no one remembers my birthday either. Now it's the same day as the Prez.