Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Ouchy

  So, I had a root canal today. I'm lucky enough not to have had one before (thanks for the healthy choppers, Dad). It was not horrible, but also not on my list of things I like to do. It turns out, that the throbbing pain in my mouth was caused by Irreversible Pulpitis. Sounds fun, doesn't it? According to Wikipedia, I had all the symptoms. Root canal is the only treatment. At least the anesthetic numbed the pain for a few hours. 

I did get to stop for lunch with Karl on the way home from the dentist. We wanted to stop at our favorite gyro place, but found it has closed. :(

Then I remembered about a restaurant we haven't been to in a very long time - a stereotypical Wisconsin supper club kind of place. On the lake, boat parking (and snowmobile parking in the winter),they bring your soda still in the can with a glass of ice. I had the walleye sandwich. Not too bony. A little lemon juice and a hint of tartar sauce. YUM! It was worth the mouth pain.

My mouth is still pretty sore (I skipped the carrot sticks at dinner), and it is actually swollen. I hope it's better by Saturday because I have a gig with LMS.

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