Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Part 2: In Which I Go Exploring

  Let's review. I have arrived in New Hampshire without any problem. I found my hotel without any issues (thanks Garmin!), had dinner and went to bed. 

  The whole reason I took this trip was to ride in a charity bike ride, benefiting the Krempels Center. I was invited to attend the morning meeting at the Center on Friday, so I could learn what they do (and so I could deliver some handknits to my friend Ted). I was thoroughly impressed by what they do the the Krempels Center. I stayed to listen to Ted and Timmy talk about bike racing and brain injury, and delivered the handknits afterward. As usual, I forgot to get a photo.

  It was time for lunch, and I wanted to explore the city of Portsmouth. Off I went. I had no real plan, so I just plugged an address that I randomly chose from the map in to my trusty GPS. Well, that restaurant was PACKED - so it must have been a good one. But, I was starving and didn't want to wait for a table, so I checked the map again, chose another random address and headed toward the center of town (I think it was the center, anyway). I found parking by a giant mural of a whale, I figured that would be helpful in locating the car when it was time to leave. I had a yummy (and healthy!) lunch, got a cupcake for later, then just started wandering.

I came across a kitchen store. I couldn't resist going in and comparing it with All Through The House. Yup, pretty much exactly the same. I recognized about 80% of their merchandise, was impressed by their tea selection, and bought some maple sugar candy in the shape of New Hampshire. Out the door and to the left. Huh. Two doors down, I found a toy store. (sound familiar to anyone?). I recognized a large portion of their merchandise too. I had to ask - "Your store isn't connected in some way to the kitchen store is it? Because that would be weird." I explained why I asked, and no it wasn't. But now I know, if I decide to run away to New Hampshire, I could likely find employment in a familiar environment. (It could happen, you never know).

Still, no photos. I had my camera with me, I was just enjoying myself too much to remember to take any pictures.

I would have loved to sit on a bench and knit for a while, but it was starting to rain, so I headed to the bike shop to pick up my rental bike for tomorrow's ride, then stopped for a very filling dinner on the way back to the hotel. I enjoyed my cupcake the way you should - in my jammies in front of the TV. Once again, in bed by 9.

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