Friday, October 5, 2012

Well Deserved

It recently came to my attention that Sweetest Day is Saturday, October 20. Why is that important, especially since my husband "doesn't believe in that made-up holiday"? (Maybe some handsome stranger will give me flowers and make him jealous)) It's important because I got called in to work the rush at the flower place the week before.

I'll be working Friday, Saturday at Giggles, Sunday at flowers, Monday at Giggles, Tuesday at flowers, Wednesday at Giggles THEN I get to leave on Thursday! Throw in a late-night LMS gig (welcoming the veterans home at the airport from the Honor Flight) on Saturday night just for fun. Wow, I'm really going to need a vacation after a week like that!

In preparation for my ride at the Krempels King of the Road Challenge (sponsor me here, get your friends to sponsor me too- I'd love be in the top 10 fundraisers) I took advantage of a beautiful fall day yesterday, and planned to go for a nice long bike ride. I was all ready to go, excited because I hadn't been on my bike since the ill-advised ride on July 4. It took a while to get my bike out, there are bikes and doors and bales of wood shavings in the way. I did finally extract it, leaned it up against the house, and here's what I found

Needless to say, I was mad. I found out that someone who shall remain nameless, but lives in my house and owns a lot of bikes, took my pedals and put them on his time trial bike. I am not a bike mechanic, I was not going to reattach my own pedals. So, I changed plans, got out the old mountain bike (and had to put on a water bottle holder, but that was not a surprise), and took a little trail ride. The scenery was beautiful and I left the camera at home. I surprised myself by making it up "hospital hill" without a problem, and riding over the floating boardwalk was fun (but against the rules). It was over too soon, and the rain started to fall just a few minutes after I got home. I hope I'll have time to ride a few more times before I leave, but I doubt it.

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