Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make it official

I need to get this out on the internet. People need to read it, then hold me accountable for what I say.

Despite what my husband says, I am going to remodel my kitchen. Soon. I am going to set aside my LMS and flower money to pay for a new floor and a new countertop. I will save my pennies for a new dishwasher, new stove, and new refrigerator. I will follow my plan of moving the pantry and thereby creating a new linen closet too.

I will also purchase an new attic vent fan, then "hire" my dad to install the fan. He comes cheap, I just have to bake for him.

Perhaps this means I won't be able to go to Greenville or Colorado in 2012. That makes me very sad, but those events are for just a few days, I have to look at my crappy kitchen every day.

You all heard me say it. Now, let's go price flooring!

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