Thursday, September 8, 2011

the score

So now the score is tied, but I am still winning.
Raccoons - 2  (two raccoons trapped & released)
Possums - 2  (two possums trapped and released)
Becky - 4  (four less critters to eat my tomatoes)

But I think my Mom wants her trap back, as last night some raccoons were on the deck looking at her through the window. I think she forgot that she lives in the middle of the woods, because this surprised her! She thinks she's going to trap all the coons in Jefferson county.


Uzbekistan Andronicus Liebschutz said...

This is Other Becky from LMS. I started a blog today so I can procrastinate at work. I have zero followers. Will you follow me?

Uzbekistan Andronicus Liebschutz said...

It looks like you have to add mine as a member or something. I have it so only people who subscribe to my blog can read it for privacy.