Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OK after all

Well, despite the Saturday rain and race cancellation, the weekend turned out to be eventful anyway. Early Sunday morning, I woke up to "There's something in the trap!" and indeed there was. Mrs. Rita Raccoon, mother of Rodney. So, we took her for a little ride in the Vue.

We took her about 10 miles from home, hopefully she won't find her way back.
I think she'll be happy there - there's a lake. She'll make coon-friends. She seemed excited.
After a celebratory stop at the Bakery (we were going right by!), we relaxed for a while, enjoying the quiet (Katrina was still at Grandma's house). We got some groceries, went for a bike ride, and after I picked up Katrina, had a fabulous rack of baby back ribs with home-made Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce. YUM!

Yesterday, we ventured just south of our little town to the Rock River Thresheree - a fair of sorts, celebrating antique farm equipment and methods. I bought some cornmeal and buckwheat flour, both ground using steam power. There was a tractor parade. I'm pretty sure I was born about 50 years too late, and that I'm a farm girl at heart.

The huge steam tractors are my favorite, even if they are a little scary
Mom and dad met us there, they drove the Model A and displayed it in the car show. We had a fun day, even if we were covered in soot by the end of the day.

So it's back to the routine today. It's warmed up enough so I can put on some shorts and go for a run.