Monday, December 3, 2012

Part 4, In Which I Eat Lobster

  There's been so much excitement around here, with the new TV and the eggs, and now Christmas season is upon us; I almost forgot that I was still telling you all about my trip! To review: I arrived, I shopped, I biked and it is now Sunday, the day after the ride.

  So, I mentioned that I received a lunch invitation. Yup. I was invited to have lunch with 3-D Ted's Mom and Dad. I had such a good time talking to Mom after the ride, of course I said yes.  It was yet another beautiful day, and Dad gave a tour of the King Estate - he's very proud of it, I could tell (and rightly so, it was beautiful!). It was very low key, and I had a great time. Dad asked if I could knit him some fingerless gloves, (and those are in progress right now).

  After lunch, I wandered back and finally found the ocean!!

  I was wearing the wrong shoes to step out onto the beach, so I had a nice walk on the sidewalk. None of the shops were open, so I couldn't buy any cheesy souvenirs. I was hoping to find something "crabby" for Karl and Katrina, since they are both my KrABs. Maybe next year.

  My other goal for this trip (besides to ride my bike for 30 miles in a row) was to eat a lobster roll. Now, I believe I have explained my relationship with lobster before, so I won't go in to it again. But, it has been at least 20 years since I tasted it. Tastes change, so maybe I like lobster now. It's possible, right? I'm in New England, I can't not try it. So, on the advice of a friend, I set off to the Beach Plum, home of New England's Best Lobster Roll.

Here's the Before
That's a BIG lobster roll!
And, here's the After
The chips were good, anyway.
  No, it's official, I Really Do Not Like Lobster. So, here I am, with a $20 lobster roll that I'm not going to eat. I felt really bad, and did not want to just throw it away in front of everyone. So, like a big girl I asked for a to-go container and stashed it away and left in a hurry (like maybe I was late for an appointment or something). The problem was, I was still hungry but nothing sounded good. So, I headed to a nearby grocery store, hoping for inspiration. I threw away my "leftovers" on the way in to the store. It was Sunday night, the hot food had already been taken off the deli, so I ended up with a microwave dinner and a mini box of wine (and a straw). How depressing. I believe this is where the whole tone of the trip took a dive. Back in my room, I heated up the dinner, unscrewed the wine and turned on the TV. Luckily, I found something good to watch, or otherwise, I would have skipped the dinner and gone straight to bed. A mini box of wine is two or three glasses, and I'm a real lightweight. It's a good thing I didn't have to drive.

  And that's the end of the day. Up next: A traveler's worst nightmare.

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