Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm getting there

Things are coming along with my handmade gifts. I got 2 pairs of mittens felted this morning (felted = intentionally shrunk so they're thick and warm, for you non-knitters). Now the house smells like wet sheep. I finished Karl's Christmas socks yesterday, then started the third pair of mittens. I didn't get very far on those, but there's still time. Today I'll start and hopefully finish a knitted coffee-cup sleeve, then go to town on those last mittens.

I'm on day 6 of a 7-day work marathon (2 different jobs), and I'm looking forward to tomorrow: it's a fun job, and I'll have a day off after it's done. I found my backbone and said "No" to working an extra day at the store and "No" to playing at the Xmas Eve church service (mostly because she called 6 days before she needed me - um, yeah, I might need time to learn the music?).

What's left to do before Christmas? Wrap gifts, bake cookies and bread, get a christmas tree (hopefully happening today while I'm at work) then decorate that tree, and probably a bunch more. THEN, I can relax, and it will be "Happy Birthday to Me"

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