Thursday, December 2, 2010


I had a lovely surprise yesterday morning, right after I got to work. The surgeon's office called: they had a cancellation and"could I make it in that afternoon?" Well, yeah! Much better to miss work on Wednesday than the Friday before Victorian Holiday Weekend! The downside? I hadn't shaved my pits.
It was a good appointment, the doctor is great, he went through the different options, told me what would be best for my situation, and reassured me that waiting until after Christmas won't be a problem.
So now, I just have to wait for the nurse/coordinator to call to let me know what's available for surgery dates, and get my pre-op appointments scheduled.

ETA: Woo-Hoo! The nurse called already this morning, and my surgery is scheduled for Jan 18.
Damn! I'm still going to have to do inventory at work.

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Jill said...

Glad the appointment with the dr. went well. Did he notice fuzzy arm pits?! LOL! I'll mark 18 Jan on my calendar. Sending positive vibes your way!