Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A better fit

Today I finally got around to putting my summer clothes away, and getting the rest of my winter things out. I always sort through as I'm putting away: did I wear this at all, can I get rid of this? Some things I put in the "give to St. Vinnies" pile just because I'm tired of looking at them. But I kept a lot more around than I had planned because I think they might just fit me better next summer.
I really appreciate that Karl does laundry, but he does tend to shrink everything ("they don't dry fast enough on low heat."). So I do end up with a fair number of things that fit when I got them, but not quite so well at the end of the season, like my favorite T-shirts. I'm looking forward to what will fit next summer.
An extra bonus of today's chore was that I found one of my favorite T-shirts that I though I had lost two years ago! It's a shirt I got for volunteering at a bike race, a race that was the national championship in the 24 hour solo endurance category. I had to drag my butt out of bed at 4am for my shift, but I got to record the time of the National Champion! That was a pretty cool weekend, and I'm so happy my shirt reappeared. And next summer, when people are staring at my chest, I know it won't be because of the size of my boobs. It will be the funky Tiki god on my shirt.
Yes, I've decided to go much smaller.

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