Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ahh, Sunday

It sunday morning. Always a quiet morning, until Karl says "Aren't you going to make us some scones?" Well, dear, since you didn't buy any half-and-half, the answer would be no. Is it a bad thing that my family expects made-from-scratch scones every sunday? Is it bad that they complain if they're not cinnamon? Have I spoiled them?
Damn! Now I'm craving them too.

Frozen cinnamon rolls will just have to suffice for this week. I feel so dirty.

On the knitting front, I finished Karl's Chicago Bears hat ("Aren't you going to felt a "C" on the side?" - I've created a monster!). I started a secret project to match his hat, and a cool Gryffindor beret for myself (major startitis!). I bought the softest yarn while I was in New York (merino and cashmere!!) I'm seriously considering making underpants with it. But it's so pretty, I'd be showing them to everyone.

For a birthday present for her, I signed myself and my mom up for a cooking class at All Through the House today. It's a fondue class. Mostly We're just there to eat, but maybe we'll get inspired. I'm thinking an all-fondue Thanksgiving...

Then tonight I have rehearsal with Ladies Must Swing . I love playing with them, and I hope I can continue through my treatment (whatever it may be).

Rolls are done!! Happy rest of the weekend to everyone, and don't forget to change all your clocks!

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Jill said...

How come you didn't tell me you make scones from scratch each Sunday? I would have put you to work when you were here visiting! LOL! ;-)