Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well, I finally got the full scoop today. And, I got written copies of my pathology and MRI. And, if you ask me, it was pretty good news. Yes, I'm going to have surgery. The right side has to go. The other side? Well, that's kind of up to me. Either way, both sides will end up matching, and I get to choose my size! Those of you who know me, you know I'm a "busty" gal. It's tempting to just get rid of them both (the girls and I have never really been best of friends anyway). That would eliminate the risk of any cancer developing on the other side. But that isn't required.
The remainder of my good news is that I don't need any radiation or chemo. When I have my surgery, they'll take a couple of lymph nodes for biopsy - just to be sure it hasn't spread. Only if they find something on that would I need any chemo. That was my biggest concern - I just finally got my hair long enough for pigtails (after 2 years of growing!). But, on the downside of that - there goes my excuse to knit a plethora of super soft hats, and my weight-loss plan! I guess I'll have to stick to counting calories and exercising.
So, we celebrated the good news by shipping Katrina off to Nana & Papa's house - OK that was already planned: no school tomorrow and we both have to work. Then Karl and I went out for a nice Mexican feast, and came home to an exciting evening of folding laundry. (I know, we lead such an exciting life!)
So, hopefully my surgery will be after Christmas so I don't leave my co-workers in a jam during our busiest season, I can continue planning our 20th wedding anniversary trip in May, and I'll be able to fit into some t-shirts that Karl shrunk in the wash! I'm a happy girl

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Jill said...

I can't imagine how relieved you must feel! Granted, there is still a bit of a battle to endure, but if all goes as hoped, you'll be through the toughest part soon. Even if you (we hope) won't need super soft hats, you have my permission to spoil yourself anyway! LOL! :-)