Monday, November 22, 2010

One more day!

Whew! Keeping busy to pass the time sure is hard work. Friday turned out busy - huge delivery at work AND a sale at the store. I didn't sit down all day. Saturday was the same - still working through the new merchandise while assisting customers. Sunday was a fun day - went to a morning showing of the new Harry Potter movie (IMAX!), then went out to lunch. Started a new knitting project, then had to rip it out because I made a huge mistake. Rehearsal for Thanksgiving Eve service took an hour and a half for 3 songs! (That is going to be a LONG service, I am not looking forward to it.)
Today was back to the routine, with an extra bonus trip to the vet for the cats' rabies shots. The crazy weather has me all mixed up - Woke up to thunder and lightning today. It cleared up, and right now it's 65 degrees with a tornado watch. Tomorrow, a bit of a change - high of 30.
I did manage to avoid doing the laundry, perhaps I should start it though - Katrina will need clothes to wear the rest of the week even if there isn't school.

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Jill said...

Maybe the crazy weather is reflecting the crazy time you're going through right now? :-) Glad you're hanging in there. Happy almost Thanksgiving!