Monday, November 8, 2010

An answer!

Yet another thing I like about the University Health System - they bumped me up to the top of the list for reading my MRI!
Three spots on the right side, nothing on the left, lymph nodes are not involved. Right side will have to come off - but I'm OK with that.
We still have to wait for the genetic test results, but I do have a "consultation" appointment scheduled.


p said...

It's such good news to know that it is confined to a manageable area. I hope that they can get you in to see whomever you are supposed to very quickly! Waiting must be just so so sucky! Your knitting excitement is very funny! You are so talented. Jordan makes scones because of your fun recipes. She doesn't do them every Sunday though! That is just amazing. We just manage water, but a brilliant breakfast is in my head like the little princess story. Jeez, you are very good at taking care of the fam!

Dan said...

Beck, I'm please and relieved that you got an answer. Been thinking about you with positive thoughts a lot lately. A contained area, no lymph, and a treatment plan! Yay! Glad you are at ease with it! Good luck on the genetic test!


Coleen said...

Hey Becky. I'm glad to hear you got a good answer and that it is contained!! I know what you are going thru from my past experience and I will send positive thoughts your way. Keep up the blog. Love you

Jill said...

Knowledge is power! I have another friend who went through TWO bouts of breast cancer and had one breast removed. She is doing fantastically well and has been in remission for about 7 years now. I'll chat with her about her experiences and pass along any advice she might have. Hang in there!

mdjohnson31 said...

Nice to be on the top of the list. Lymph nodes not involved? Must be a good thing. Luv 2 U M