Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A schedule - finally!

I'm just back from one pre-surgery appointment. Nothing extraordinary, just a quick physical, bloodwork, and instructions. The day before surgery, I have to have some dye injected so the Dr. knows which lymph nodes to sample. Apparently, I'll have blue skin for a while afterward. I also have my pre-surgery appointment with the plastic surgeon the day before. Both appointments are in the same building. It's too bad those two appointments are 5 hours apart. I'll have to figure out something to do, because I don't think I'll want to drive home in between.

Then came the bad news - I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. Yes, AM, as in morning, before sunrise, no coffee allowed! I am not an early riser. This will not be pretty. I refuse to not shower either, because I won't be able to shower until my stitches come out 7-10 days later. That's the part I'm dreading the most - not being able to shower. Yeah, I could take a bath, but our bathroom is FREEZING in the winter! Not fun to take a bath in January. I also won't be able to lift my arms over my head for a while, so I'll have go to the salon to get my hair washed.

After my Dr's appointment, I went to the music store and got myself a new music stand. It's my "performance" stand, to take to my LMS gigs. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a case. I'll have to see if it fits into one of my many tote bags. I'm excited about it though. It's so pretty!

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