Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The birds!

Have you ever seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds? I always loved the scene where Tippi Hedren is sitting outside the school, and all the birds are amassing behind her. I've been reminded of that movie a few times in the past few days - I think the Stoughton birds are going crazy!

  • The sparrows are constantly on the kitchen windowsill doin' the nasty!

  • Yesterday, when we were walking to the bus stop, there was a pair of mallards up in a tree!

  • Today, there was a trio of turkey vultures circling the park where the bus stops!

  • We've been watching an eaglecam and the eggs have hatched. (OK, that's not crazy, but it is pretty cool)

Hopefully, the sparrows won't start attacking their reflections in the car window when it's parked in the driveway - that happened last year.

Maybe I'll take a walk down the river trail to see if the ospreys are back at their nest.

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