Friday, June 24, 2011

Fine (in the musical sense)

I'm using a musical analogy. If you can't read music, I apologize, but it seems to fit the situation.

I went back to the DS and reached the Coda.  Now I get to play to the end of the piece. Yes, the repeat being another surgery, and the coda being the completion of the whole reconstruction process. Normally, I hate playing codas - I can never move my eyes across the page fast enough and I miss a measure or two. But this one isn't so bad, I only missed a beat. I'm back to work, back to knitting, and hopefully I'll be back on my bike in a week or so. Kind of like Bombasto - one of my favorite marches to play, even though the trumpets have barely 3 beats of rest in the entire piece (I'm always a little dizzy by the end) -no rest, no sitting still.

And I'm sure you're wondering how do I like the new girls? Well, there's still some swelling, and they're not quite their final shape yet, but they are little and perky! I'll let you know in a few days.

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