Thursday, June 2, 2011

It goes by quickly

Wow, one week ago today, we were driving. Driving all day to Greenville, SC. It was a long drive, with at least one pit-stop per state. But it really was not a boring drive. We went from one extreme to the other - flatlands of Illinois to mountains of Tennessee and the Carolinas, and skirted the edge of a huge storm for much of the way.
Yes, that is my hand

 We narrowly missed some hail outside of Knoxville. We came through just a couple of minutes after it fell. We stopped for gas and this was what we found.

But we made it to Greenville unscathed.

It was a "whirlwind" kind of trip, it seemed a lot shorter than it looked on the calendar because two whole days were spent in the car. We had one day to explore the city - it was a chilly and rainy day.
The next three days were filled with biking of all sorts: biking by me on a time trial, watching the pros race in two separate races, Karl and I riding our charity ride. I brought just as much bike clothing as I did regular clothes - and it all got worn.
Karl and I made it to the finish of the Stars and Stripes Challenge.
I think the highlight of the trip (for me, anyway. I can't speak for Karl) was meeting my favorite pro rider. He was busy getting ready for the race and I felt bad bothering him, so I didn't talk to him very much.
He is Ted King.

After all the biking was done, we packed up the car and headed back to the land of cheese. Another long drive. A drive I hope we will make again.

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