Monday, June 20, 2011

One More Time!

  One more time, and I hope it's the last! Surgery, that is. Tomorrow is the final step of my reconstruction - removal of the tissue expanders (aka "the rocks"), and placing of the permanent implants. It's only a day surgery, and both the doctor and the nurse assured me that it will be a piece of cake. I'm counting on them to be right, because I have a dentist appointment and band practice on thursday, and I'm going to work on friday.

  I'm certainly not sitting around waiting either: Four performances (with 2 different bands) in the last 6 days have kept my mind (and lips) occupied. I just got home from #4, which was fun (as usual). I have a whole week off until my next gig! Whatever will I do with myself? I'm thinking I may do some knitting, maybe read a book or four.

  Since it's getting near bedtime, I need a snack. No food after midnight, you know. I believe there's a big bowl of ice cream with my name on it.

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