Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Money well spent

  Every year for my birthday, my in-laws give me a check. They don't shop, they just write out a check. They don't want to put out any effort. But, I've gotten used to their quirks, and so I look forward to taking advantage of the after-Christmas sales and choosing my own gift. Sometimes I plan ahead. Like this year. I was really torn between a photo scanner and a Garmin GPS for the car. I'd been thinking of those two items for a long time. I even hinted that I'd like either one as a gift.
  Then my Mom and Dad did a wonderful thing. They rounded out my gift pile with a nice Visa gift card. Not a huge amount, but enough. Those after-Christmas sales did their magic and I was able to get both the scanner and the Garmin. The scanner arrived on Tuesday, and the Garmin came today (and is currently downloading). You are going to be seeing some crazy old photos as I start going through all my boxes! And I am stoked that Dave Zabriskie will be giving me directions when I go places.
  Unfortunately, the next four days are booked solid, so I won't get to play with my scanner until next week. But when I do get around to starting, I'll certainly be getting my money's worth out of this new peripheral. The Garmin? I'll start enjoying that tomorrow, on my way to the race.

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