Sunday, January 1, 2012

I did it!

  It's January 1. I survived another holiday season with my sanity (relatively) intact. I celebrated my birthday on Christmas Eve with a nice barbecue dinner at Famous Dave's. Katrina gave me Dr Seuss feet pajamas for Christmas. I had a pleasant Christmas day with Karl's family. I finished all my Christmas knitting projects (starting in August really helps). I got a cute new haircut. And now I'm ready to move on to 2012.

  I'm knitting like a fiend to get a nice warm hat finished in four days. I need a nice warm hat for the weekend because I'll be volunteering and then spectating at a bike race. Yes, I said a bike race. In January. In Wisconsin. It's the USA National Championships for Cyclocross. I am super excited, as this is one of my favorite types of bike racing to watch because you get to see so much of the course from one place. The crowds are fun and loud, it's just a fun atmosphere. I don't yet know what my volunteering assignment is, so I'll have to be ready for anything from crossing guard to parking attendant. Whatever it is, it will be outside and it's going to be chilly! (I just wish we had some snow!).

  It's also inventory time at work, which is not my favorite thing. Counting merchandise for 8 hours really turns your brain to mush! Hopefully, we'll get though it quickly, with few mistakes (which are mainly made be me).

  It's time to get back to my knitting - only about 7 inches to go!

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