Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zzzzzzzz... finally

  Last night I had a total Princess and the Pea moment! It's a little chilly in our bedroom (I like it that way - better sleeping!). I was all snuggled in, the middle spoon between my two guys. No, not what you think. Karl on one side and the cat on the other. It's amazing how much heat that 16 pound furball puts out - especially when he's under the covers with me! It was cozy, but I still just couldn't get comfortable. Much to the cat's dismay, I turned over a couple of times, then braved the cold and put my arms up over my head (yeah, it's weird, that's my most comfortable sleeping position - arms in the "stick 'em up" position) and found the source of the problem. There was a wadded up kleenex under my pillow. Just lumpy enough to be "wrong." I had put it there the night before in case I had nose issues during the night. I didn't, so it was still there. Once I moved it out from under my pillow, all was right, and I was able to drift off... until Katrina got up to tell me she couldn't fall asleep.

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