Friday, February 17, 2012

Battle Royale

  I am once again engaged in an epic battle against nature.

  There is a squirrel (hopefully only one) living in the ceiling at Giggles. He is a bold and cunning beast. So far, the score is Squirrel - 2, Becky - 0. Two different live traps, two different days, and he gets a free peanut butter sandwich for dinner. 

  Trap #1 - the "squirrel sized" - I heard him scurrying about, trying to reach the sandwich. I heard the trap rattling a bit, then what I thought was the door closing, so I opened the door to the back room, and there he was, sandwich in his mouth, trap overturned. The little f***er had dumped the bait right out of the trap! He sat there, mocking me. I swear he gave me the finger before he turned and jumped back into the ceiling.
  Trap #2 - Big Bertha, the coon size - I knew he couldn't upturn it, but I wasn't 100% sure he'd be heavy enough to set it off. I positioned sandwich #2 as best I could, and crossed my fingers. Squirrels are greedy, so I thought he'd come back for seconds right away. But no, he waited a full 24 hours before coming back for another free meal. I was at home, Megan was on squirrel watch. She heard him, and caught a glimpse of him scurrying back "upstairs." No squirrel obscenities for Megan though. He must save that for me.

  I have a new plan for today. I can't reveal it, because he may be a regular reader of my blog, and I don't want to tip him off.
He may think he has the upper hand (paw?), but I am more determined, smarter, and I have opposable thumbs.

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