Thursday, January 27, 2011

B Day!

I didn't know it when I got up this morning, but besides National Chocolate Cake Day, today is Bra Day! I know, I'm easily excited.

I had yet another doctor's appointment. Drove to Madison in a bit of a "snow event"- it took twice as long to get there. I did get there early, got a little waiting room knitting done, then saw Dr. Brad. More stitches came out, and I got the OK to wear a bra instead of the ace bandage. The bandage is annoying because now that I'm pancake flat, there's nothing to hold it up! So, after a little yarn shopping, I went to Kohl's and got a couple new sports bras - they were even on sale! Got home and put one on right away. I didn't realize there was so much swelling in my armpit - it's not exactly comfortable. I may put one of my old, stretched out ones on to see if it's any better.

Well, now I'm off to make a chocolate cake. That is, if I can lift the flour out of the pantry.

ETA - I did make a cake, with chocolate buttercream frosting. So delish! I overdid it today with the lifting and reaching (emptied the dishwasher, cooked dinner along with the cake), and now I'm paying for it.

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