Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy pills!

I love my pain pills. They don't make me too loopy - just sleepy. This is as close to PUI (posting under the influence) as I'll get.

First night at home was good. One cat seems to understand something's amiss - he usually walks all over me at night, sits on my chest, etc. He's been very good, and at one point I woke up and he was sleeping on my pillow with his head on my shoulder (do I hear the collective Awwww?). It's a good thing because he's the fat one. The other cat is not so concerned, she's just happy there's someone to lay under the covers with her (she's the bald one), and walks wherever is most convenient.

My mom is here playing nursemaid (aka driving me crazy). She gets grossed out easily, so I won't ask her to help with bandage changes or anything. Mostly she makes me tea, which is very much appreciated.

I'm following Dr's orders: getting up and walking around every hour or so, no heavy lifting (not even the cat), eating lots of fiber.

Well, time for another happy pill and subsequent nap.

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