Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rambling on

Holy crap, I'm bored!

Bored with TV, bored with reading, and (GASP!) bored with my knitting projects. Mom and Dad came over for a quick visit today they brought a load of carbohydrates: cake, coffee cake, and dinner rolls (all home-made, of course). I'm a carb addict so I sampled all three. I'm trying really hard to eat fewer refined carbohydrates, but they're so tasty!

In other news, Karl finally decided it's time for a new computer. Normally, this would involve at least a week of research. Spreadsheets would be involved. Nope, new one is ordered as of this morning. Our behemoth CRT monitor is still working fine, so that's going to wait. BUT I am so excited that we're getting an iPod Touch so we can enjoy natural light while web surfing off our neighbor's wireless (He's fine with that). Welcome to this century, Baumeister household!

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