Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm humbled

Wow, to say I have wonderful friends and family is and understatement. I was not expecting so many to do so much. My mom said it looked like a funeral home there were so many flowers - and more arrived after she left! So many cards, we've run out of room on the window sill. A collective "Thank You" to everyone !

White and yellow roses from Jill,

A gorgeous arrangement from the gang at work - there are Starburst Lilies that smell heavenly.

Just as the roses started to fade, a beautiful arrangement came from Sunita to take over their place on the piano.

A lovely Cyclamen from the Ladies who Swing (I hope I can keep it alive!)

And today: chocolate dipped fruit from my wonderful friends the Blaauw's. How did they know that's just what I need to get my appetite back?

And my most favorite of all, a cake from Katrina. Can you see all the love she baked right in?

1 comment :

Jill said...

I think the cake "takes the cake!" LOL!