Friday, January 21, 2011


I got my first real look at myself last night when we changed my bandages. Not gross, not upsetting, just really weird. When I catch myself in the mirror, I'm kind of hunched over because it hurts to straighten up all the way. But then I do, and it's just so odd. I was an early bloomer - and was downright busty by the time I hit junior high. Being flat is so foreign.

I had an appointment with the DR this morning. He likes how things are healing, and will probably remove the drains on monday. The pathology report was back already, and it was excellent news - clean margins and no lymph node involvement. A HUGE relief!

I'm feeling pretty good - not terribly sore. Now, if I would just get my appetite back, I'd be happy. I'm queasy because my stomach is empty, but I don't want to eat because I'm queasy thing going. Bring on the Jello!

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Jill said...

Such fabulous news about the path. report!!!!!! Glad to hear you're healing well. I'd bring you a peppermint-chocolate chip milk shake from Chick-Fil-A if I lived close by. I'm sure they'd take the calories out just for you!