Saturday, January 15, 2011


Three more days.
I'm in preparation mode: getting the laundry done (which is difficult when there's a bike thawing in my laundry sink), getting groceries, giving the cat a bath, etc.
I'm not worried about cooking - I have a husband who is competent in the kitchen. He does laundry too, but I say as long as he's going to sit on the couch watching football, he might as well be folding the laundry. My mom will be here to take care of Katrina, and so I'm sure she'll get bored and start dusting.
I did attain my goal of finishing a knitting project before going to the hospital. I finished my socks today, and they are fabulous! I'm wearing them right now, as a matter of fact. Which goes back to the laundry and the bike in my sink - he'd better get it out of there so I can wash the handknits.
Don't they look like a melted sundae? Now I want some ice cream...

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